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Extrusion is a common method of processing plastics and effectively consists of pushing molten plastics through a die in one form or another. There are several common forms of extrusion in the plastics industry for which we can supply a range of stock or tailor made products in any Colour, Black and White with an option on carrier system and whether there is need for a filler, and our extensive range of additives.

Sheet Extrusion

sheet extrusionSheet manufacturing is an industry which has enjoyed strong growth in recent years thanks to its use in an increasing variety of applications and industries. Nearly all thermoplastics can be processed into rigid sheet for end use markets such as Packaging including for thermoformed food containers, building and transport, insulation, point of sale, advertising signage and automotive trays.

For White Goods, VIBA offer a new range of Masterbatches for polystyrene specifically for colouring styrene polymers intended for refrigerators and all components for domestic appliances.

  • Milky white or bluish Masterbatches for moulding and extrusion of freon resistant polystyrene sheets
  • Variegated chromatic effects for ABS, PS, HIPS, CPS
  • Combibatches composed of pigments and additives such as Antistatic and Releasing agents
  • Coloured Masterbatches according to the main standards (RAL, PANTONE, BS etc) complying with the main international standards for plastic materials for contact with foodstuffs
  • Bacteriostatics


Profile & Tube Extrusion

In addition to the main Masterbatches required by this field...

  • coloured with a selective DE according to the principal international standards
  • blacks, whites and colours suitable for outdoor exposure
  • both halogenated and halogen-free Flame retardants
  • UV Stabiliser Packages

...VIBA is one of the very few companies to have developed know-how for reduction till elimination of odours and volatile substances for automobile interiors.

We are in a position to study and propose solutions according to VDA 270 (odours) and VDA 277 (volatile substances) without intervening on the mechanical characteristics of the finished product, for all plastic materials, such as:

  • ABS
  • ABS/PC
  • Recycled PP
  • TPE
  • TPO
  • Natural fibres /PP


Pipe Extrusion

pipe extrusionThe production of thermoplastic pipe systems in Europe is a major industry which accounts for a significant volume of polymers. Use of plastics materials by the building industry represents the second largest market for polymers in Europe, of which PVC is the main material processed. A growing proportion of pipe production though, is now in polyolefin materials, principally using high density and medium density polyethylene grades. Several other polymers such as ABS and PVdF are also being used for a variety of applications, notably in the industrial sector. Our range of specifically adapted Masterbatches includes for:-

  • Gas: yellow in versions with and without anti UV stabilizers
  • Drinking water: blue in versions with and without anti UV, non-toxic formulations
  • Electrical circuits: grey in versions with and without Flame Retardants
  • Agriculture and water supply lines: blacks and whites for mono and co-extrusion with and without additives (Antioxidant, Anti UV, Processing aids etc.) non-toxic
  • Algae-repellent and Fungicides


Cable Extrusion

cable extrusionVIBA avails of a special range of Masterbatches specially prepared for PVC and PE cables and cable sheathings (electrical and telephone cables).

The pigments used have been selected on the basis of their dielectric properties, and have undergone a refining process. In this way, the final physical inertia of the primary particles is determined, canceling any conductivity power, while their colouring power is increased to the maximum.

The high technical-quality characteristics of these Masterbatches enable the production of primary cables that meet the strict standards necessary to pass all tests.

The high colouring power and low percentage of use (1%) allow the cost of colouring to be kept to a minimum and contribute to the competitive price of the finished articles.

Any RAL shade is available.



fibres - extrusionWe offer an extremely wide range of white, black, coloured and additive Masterbatches for textile applications in PP, HDPE, PET and PA.

The experience gained in over 30 years in a highly sophisticated field such as the Italian textile market and the technical demands of middle east processors, has enabled VIBA to acquire know-how concerning colouring and additives for

  • Staple Fibres
  • Multifilaments
  • Woven non woven
  • Monofilaments
  • Raffia