Colours Masterbatches

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colour masterbatchesR D Kent and Company Limited offers a wide range of coloured masterbatches for all thermoplastic polymers and for all processing technologies, in compliance with the main international standards for contact with foodstuffs and recognised colour standards such as (PANTONE, RAL etc)

  • Tailor-made very highly concentrated monopigments based Masterbatches for PP fibre extrusion
  • Coloured Masterbatches for all polyolefin and styrene polymers
  • Masterbatches for engineering polymer production
  • Combibatches


Colour Concentrates

coloursFor small lots, or specials where fast colour matching or production time is required, we have UK based manufacturing facilities, dedicated to providing tailor made solutions for an extensive range of polymer processors.

These concentrates can be Pigment Blends, Universal Freeflow Masterbatches, and Liquid Dispersions as well as our Standard pellet masterbatch.

Our universal range of standard colours is available with or without the presence of heavy metal pigments depending on your requirements. Matched colours are formulated to suit your application for both universal and polymer specific carrier systems.

We are now able to offer a range of Micro-pellet solutions. For a wide range of polymers and processes including PVC. The smaller pellet improves the efficiency and uniformity of the dispersion of the pigments, thus improving the colouration of the product and reducing the mess and likelihood of colour variation caused by dosing problems.


Special Effects

special effectsWe offer a wide range of tailor-made and standard masterbatches for all thermo-plastic polymers covering a very imaginative and original Special Effects range. These additives are continuously being developed to make your product more innovative in performance and attractive in appearance.

  • Thermochromatics
  • Photochromatics
  • Fluorescents
  • Super - phosphorescents
  • Iridescents
  • Pearlescents
  • Marble effects
  • Multicolour granites
  • Perfumed
  • and lots more special effects upon request.