Rotational Moulding

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Rotational moulding is a process used for producing hollow plastic products. By using additional post-moulding operations, complex components can be produced enabling the process to compete effectively with other moulding and extrusion practices.

In spite of the process having little shear, we offer a range of pigment blends and one-packs to a specific colour shade (RAL, Pantone or BS) or to a unique shade which doesn't correspond to any standard system. If you are able to send a colour panel/plaque and details of any carrier system and application we will be able to develop a suitable blend.

When it comes to packaging requirements we are very flexible. As with any of our products we are able to re-pack them into manageable sizes in just about any form of packaging. If you are able to give an idea of your requirements we will be only too glad to see if we are able to help.

Products examples include

  • Oil Tanks, Bottle Banks, Grit Bins and Bunkers
  • Mouldings for automotive applications
  • Bulk Storage
  • Canoes
  • Marine Buoys etc